Camping is now becoming very expensive. In fact, for this reason, many people decide not to go camping. The good news is that you can now go camping for cheaper. Here are some ways to do so.

Choose location carefully

One of the main reasons why camping is so expensive is because of the location. Most campers choose prime locations with all the modern amenities and attractions. So, choose locations that are a bit remote and are not easily accessible. Those locations will be cheaper.

Go for primitive camping

In this type of camping, you won’t need to choose any campground. You can go camping in the mountains, wood or even next to the beach. This kind of camping is very adventurous.

You will love the scenery. Most state forests and national parks offer free camping. You must be on your own completely when you choose to go for these types of camping. You will hardly get any amenities or special service.


The timing of your camping is an important factor to consider. If you book your camping during the holidays, then it will be expensive. So, choose off-seasons to go camping. You will be able to book the campgrounds at a cheaper rate. The length of the trip is also a factor. So, limit your camping to a couple of days to save money.

Share campsite

You can share the campsite with others and save money. There are campsites where you can put up more than one tent. It will also allow you to make new friends.

The campsite reservation fee is only part of the entire cost of your camping trip. There are other costs involved like buying tents, sleeping bags, a stove, and other things. Instead of buying these, you can rent them or borrow them from someone. This way you can make your camping trip cheaper.