Camping is a great activity that brings you closer to nature. To most people camping means exploring nature, but it means more than that. Camping is a fun tour where you go with friends or families and spend some time outside your home and city. In many modern campgrounds in Illinois, you will find these amenities today.

Movie night

This is the trend today at many campgrounds. You will see the big screen coming out when the sun sets. You will have a wonderful time watching a family-friendly movie on the projector under the stars.

Campground kitchen

Typically, in a camp, you need to bring your portable stove or light up the campfire to cook food. But nowadays you will find a campground kitchen. The kitchen is fully stocked and you can cook your meal comfortably.

Stargazing tours

One of the things you must do when you go camping is just lie down and look at the stars twinkling in the sky. Now in many campgrounds, you will find professionals who will take you on a stargazing tour. You won’t just view the best stars but will also know what they are doing there.

Live music

Friends often hum sitting around the campfire. But now the camp organizers arrange local or regional talents to sing for the campers. So, you will find a stage, microphone, and other musical equipment at the campground and enjoy a full live music session.


You will find lots of options to play games like volleyball and even disc golf. You will find a Wi-Fi connection at the campground, so you can play online casino games in playstar. It is good to unplug while camping, but playing a few games of poker under the stars will be good fun.

These modern amenities at the campground make camping more fun and comfortable. You will have a great memory at these campgrounds.