Are you tired of watching young ones play video games? Then take them camping. Many family-friendly campsites in Illinois offer different adventurous activities for the whole family. Here are some activities that everyone can do at the campsites.

Night backpacking tour

You can take the family for a guided night backpacking tour. This will help to overcome the fear of the dark. They will have a very thrilling and exciting trip as they will be in the woods surrounded by the sounds of different species. They can learn about them and have a great adventure. Survival skills like starting fires or building tents can be taught during this trip as well.

Rock climbing

Many campsites in Illinois have rock climbing facilities. This is a great activity for the family as it combines both physical and mental challenges. They will feel a sense of achievement once they reach the top.

Ropes course

This is also a very exciting activity for everyone. There are both high and low ropes. You can take the course into the trees for more adventure. Group challenges can be organized to make this activity more fun.

Freefall jump

Freefall is not as dangerous as it sounds. Many campsites in Illinois have this activity for the family. The campers stand on the edge of a high platform and get the thrilling feeling of free fall.

Mountain Biking

Everyone will enjoy mountain biking. The roads will be bumpier and there will be obstacles that will make mountain biking a challenge.

After camping, the family will go back home with lots of memories to share with their friends. They will start enjoying outdoor activities more and focus less on video games.