Free camping may sound like a fantasy. More people are now heading towards nature where they can get some fresh air and spend the night under the stars. As a result, the rates of the campsites are increasing. However, the fact is you can still go free camping with some research.

Free camping is also known as dispersed camping. These campsites have zero amenities and so they are free. If you are used to camping in places where there are bathrooms, electricity, picnic tables and other amenities, then going for free camping may mean stepping out of your comfort zone. However, nowadays, you will find the minimum amenities in some free camping sites.

You can camp for free in national forests and grasslands. You can find these places easily on Google Maps. You should be prepared to not get access to any amenity here which includes water supply and electricity.

However, if you are lucky, these will be available. So, you should come fully prepared. You must carry folding chairs and tables, a portable toilet, stove, tent, and other necessities.

You will have to remember that you might not get cellular coverage as well. That means you will have no internet too. You must arrange for alternative ways of communication. Try to bring your GPS so that you don’t get lost. These free campsites are located in remote locations.

There are some free camping regulations in place and you must adhere to them; like setting up the camp 200 feet away from water bodies and using the existing fire rings, etc. You should ensure that you left a minimum impact on the campsite.

As these sites are free, they are not very well maintained. So, if the campers keep these sites in good shape, others can visit these free campsites too.